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and nights that never come.

8 September 1989
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My name's Brittany. If you don't mind, I prefer to be called Bloo. I'm twenty-years-old, single and in dying need of a job. (I'm hoping this will change the moment I move, but it's so hard to be certain with the job market and having to adapt to a new area.) I'm not at all as smart as I would like to be. I like t.v. dramas, movies, music and fashion. My friends and family are my world. I thrive on kindness. I'd rather be no one than someone not loved.

My favorite author is Jim Butcher; I love The Dresden Files. I am not ashamed to admit that I am absorbed by the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris; including it's t.v. show True Blood. My favorite musicians are Japanese (Gackt, Miyavi, theGazettE), and my favorite poet is dead (Charles Baudelaire). I watch most popular t.v. shows; including NCIS, Bones, Psych, Monk, House, M.D., and Eureka. I do fangirl sometimes; I just can't help myself.

blooserendipity My icon/graphic journal. :D

I was once told that I am too happy, and because of that I am annoying, weird and intolerable. I'd like to believe that being too happy is a miracle in this day and age, and I take it as a compliment. Thank you. Though we will probably never meet again, I hope that one day you don't find me nearly as intolerable as you do. <3

We spend too much time worrying about what other people think. We spend too much time trying to make ourselves and our friends appear decent and respectable in the eyes of people who don't truly matter to us. I think it's time that we set all that aside and acted as we please; it's time we do those goofy things that we have always had the urge to do. Smile. Be joyous. Have laughter.

Please live your life to the fullest; you only get one chance. Why waste it?

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"Bloo is a lethal weapon and only legal in certain states."
"Bloo doesn't read books...she just stares at them until they give the information she wants."
"She could keep a boat load of ripped Viking on their best behavior."

"Like a female Chuck Norris...but prettier and without the beard."
"Although, I'm sure she could pull off the beard and be the hottest bearded lady ever."
"And beneath that beard would be a foot to kick your ass."