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Went to the optometrist today only to find out what I already knew. My right eye is as good as it's always been, but my left eye has become slightly worse (though, not by much). My eyesight isn't very bad to begin with, but I get headaches if I don't wear my glasses. As it is, my prescription is:

O.D. -025, -025, 121.
O.S. -050, -050, 051.


My brother is pretty much blind, though. His prescription is in the -200s. o:

We were looking at the frames - of course - and I decided I either want black and white frames or red frames. XD They have some pretty kick ass Converse frames, and I'm hoping to get them if I can. Though, I'm probably moving before I get new frames, and I'm so easily swayed by new products when I can see and hold them. XD FICKLEFICKLEFICKLE.


Tags: health, health: eyeglasses

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