BLOO (sweetbloo) wrote,

I attract physical injury.

I'm warming my leg with two corndogs on a thin plate... Why? Because my leg hurts like a motherfucker, and corndogs are what's for dinner.

See... I was diagnosed with Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome in both of my legs. One leg hurts more than the other (usually my right, but I believe that is because of my knee injury). Sometimes, the pain is so bad I can't walk. Sometimes...I can't sleep. I was told that the pain would go away. It's about two years and some months later that I'm sitting here with a plate of corndogs on my leg thinking that maybe the doctors fed me a spoonful of bullshit.

You wanna know how I ended up with Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome? Both times happened while I was participating in my Tang So Do (martial arts) class. The first time I was trying to prove I could kick the highest of all the students; though, I did prove my point I ended up slipping because the floor I was standing on had been waxed. I landed on my hip. = _ = ;; I slipped on the same waxed floor and landed on my other hip during a sparring match. The impact shocked my iliotibial tract which caused it to tighten immensely. Now, my hip, thigh and knee hurt often.

I take anti-inflammatories, stretch, do all the little exercises and I'm still aching. D;

The worst part? I can't practice my martial arts extensively. I love martial arts. I love going through the motions. I love knowing that I am strong and capable. This injury makes me feel inadequate.

And how I wish this was my only problem.

Tags: health, health: injury, health: pain, hobbies: martial arts

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