Theatres are scary.

GUYS, I WANNA SEE THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS. :D It seems interesting, but I don't have anyone to go to the movies with. ; n ; I'd go by myself...but I just happen to be afraid of movie theatres.

I know it seems ridiculous and silly, but I am ridiculous and silly. XD I have a fear of things coming out of the walls from behind those fake drapes (yes, the fake drapes) or things sneaking up under the seat and grabbing my legs. I usually have to have my feet up on the chair, and I need to be sitting between people (with at least three people between me and the wall). I'm such a baby.

People always say you shouldn't let your fears control your life, but somethings we just can't help.

On a side note, I'm feeling better. :D

Goodbye, Virginia. Hello, Health Problems.

So, I moved. I think I mentioned a move in my previous entries, but I honestly can't be sure...

Goodbye, Virginia. Hello, Georgia.

It's kind of a big change, but I'm living with relatives... I miss my friends (specially my best friend), but I get to see family that I haven't seen in a long time. There are good and bad things about the move. I need to suck up my depression and embrace the good. : - )

Unfortunately, I'm also sick. Before the move, I caught a rather nasty head cold that stayed with me for a long time. That plus my asthma and recent bronchitis problems only made things worse for me. Even now I'm still coughing things up. It sucks big time.

On top of that, I seem to have caught a virus or an infection or something. Thursday, I suffered horrible lower abdominal pain that didn't go away until mid afternoon. Sadly, I must have pulled the muscles on my side while vomiting as I suffered a lot of pain from the muscle yesterday. At first, my mother and I weren't sure if the pain was from the abdominal pain, but after I took some Tylenol and started to feel better we started looking in a different direction.

(BTW, it's likely I suffered - or am suffering - a bladder infection, which is what could have caused my abdominal pain.)

We looked up information on pain caused by kidney and spleen infections, but nothing matched. When I press down on the painful area I am relieved of the pain. The Tylenol seemed to help, too. We broke out the heating pad to see if that would offer any relief, and it did! Now, I have a dull ache unless I accidentally pull the muscles in the area. Now, we are pretty sure that I strained the muscle while vomiting.

Mom suggested I wait another day or two before going to the hospital as I am starting to feel better. At the moment, my primary problem is eating as I haven't really eaten much of anything in the past two days. I woke up from a short nap yesterday to hear my mother eating an apple, and I wanted to devour that apple so bad. LOL. The lack of pain made me decide not to move, though. o:

Today, I have eaten half an apple and several saltines. I've had a little bit of sprite, water and cranapple juice. I think I'll try some chicken noodle soup (even though I hate it so much) and drink some ginger ale. Hopefully, I'll start feeling a lot better.


I hate feeling lonely.

I'll reply to all messages at a later time (tomorrow, most likely). =/ Sorry for the delay. There won't be any updates to blooserendipity for a few days, as well.

I went to the zoo with David and Anna, today.
Afterward, we went to McDonald's before showing up at Maria's house.
After a short time of hanging out, we went to Anna's place (where David also lives).
Not before picking up David's friend James, of course.
Between 6:30 and 7:00, Maria and Rachel showed up.
We played Flux and then Apples to Apples until 9:30.
Later, David and Anna took me home.

I haven't seen nor spoken to Sai all day.

I feel incredibly alone.


Went to the optometrist today only to find out what I already knew. My right eye is as good as it's always been, but my left eye has become slightly worse (though, not by much). My eyesight isn't very bad to begin with, but I get headaches if I don't wear my glasses. As it is, my prescription is:

O.D. -025, -025, 121.
O.S. -050, -050, 051.


My brother is pretty much blind, though. His prescription is in the -200s. o:

We were looking at the frames - of course - and I decided I either want black and white frames or red frames. XD They have some pretty kick ass Converse frames, and I'm hoping to get them if I can. Though, I'm probably moving before I get new frames, and I'm so easily swayed by new products when I can see and hold them. XD FICKLEFICKLEFICKLE.



I attract physical injury.

I'm warming my leg with two corndogs on a thin plate... Why? Because my leg hurts like a motherfucker, and corndogs are what's for dinner.

See... I was diagnosed with Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome in both of my legs. One leg hurts more than the other (usually my right, but I believe that is because of my knee injury). Sometimes, the pain is so bad I can't walk. Sometimes...I can't sleep. I was told that the pain would go away. It's about two years and some months later that I'm sitting here with a plate of corndogs on my leg thinking that maybe the doctors fed me a spoonful of bullshit.

You wanna know how I ended up with Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome? Both times happened while I was participating in my Tang So Do (martial arts) class. The first time I was trying to prove I could kick the highest of all the students; though, I did prove my point I ended up slipping because the floor I was standing on had been waxed. I landed on my hip. = _ = ;; I slipped on the same waxed floor and landed on my other hip during a sparring match. The impact shocked my iliotibial tract which caused it to tighten immensely. Now, my hip, thigh and knee hurt often.

I take anti-inflammatories, stretch, do all the little exercises and I'm still aching. D;

The worst part? I can't practice my martial arts extensively. I love martial arts. I love going through the motions. I love knowing that I am strong and capable. This injury makes me feel inadequate.

And how I wish this was my only problem.


Writer's Block: Soulmates

Do you believe in the concept of a soulmate? Do you think you've met him or her? Do you ever worry that "the one" got away?

Fufufu, I find this so funny - and I really apologize if I'm flooding anyone's flist. I tend to do that sometimes.

Anyways, I was just thinking about soulmates and all that hoopla when my curiosity brought me to the Writer's Block question of the day. Now, I'm a night owl and tend to see the new question of the day as soon as it's posted... I rarely ever reply to them. They're not very fascinating most of the time, now are they? Not that it should matter to me. =P People probably don't read my journal (not that I blame them - I don't write about anything interesting).

Oh, but soulmatessoulmatessoulmates. People who share a deep spiritual connection that can be translated into unwavering love and devotion. Rather sweet, isn't it?

I sure as hell wish I had a soulmate, but I don't necessarily believe in them. I'm not spiritual, so building a spiritual connection with someone seems silly to me. However, I'm not saying it's not possible. People who are spiritual probably have experienced this sort of connection - whether true love can be incorporated into this bond doesn't seem to be very important. I mean, it is very possible to have a strong, spiritual connection without the kind of love two lovers may share. This is what I believe, anyway...

You see, I strongly believe that it's possible to fall in and out of love everyday. If love is required for a soulmate, then my idea would suggest that they aren't nearly as unique as one may think. Furthermore, those who are in love with love rather than the person receiving their love must have no soulmate at all. Would that even be possible? A soulmate not existing for one person? Is that because their is an uneven amount of people in the world and that lover of love merely pulled the smallest straw? How very sad for them.

This is not a bleak outlook. This is not a logical outlook. I believe in many kinds of love. I believe that love is fickle. I believe that at one point in my life I have loved someone the way a lover might, but I have fallen from that place. At this moment in my life, I love many people as though they were family. I love myself.

But they were not and are not my soulmate - nor will there ever be such a thing for someone who is not spiritual like me. :] That does not mean I will not experience that euphoria.



For those that don't know... Fashion is kind of a big deal for me. I try to avoid talking about it; I try to not post journal after journal about all these great clothes that I've found and want so very badly. I'm a boot chick. I like scarves. Animal print is totally my thing; especially if it's zebra. I prefer skinnies over boot cut. Jackets and vests are what I believe heaven is made of. Colored tights? Fuck yes. I love bold prints and wild colors.

There. I just had to get that out of my system. XD

Oh, yeah. One more thing.

I'm fuckin' in love.

Sayaka of UNION☆JACK.


This Weekends Agenda

Thursday - Best friend moves to new house. Assist in moving?
I asked my friend's mother if she needed help, and I'd be happy to come over and help her straighten things out. However, she told me to come over on Friday to help my friend unpack. o: I figure she doesn't want anyone in the way - she's pretty use to taking the reigns on every situation, I think. 

Friday - Flu shot. Help best friend unpack.
Whether I get to help my friend on Thursday or not doesn't matter - I will help her unpack. Either way, I'll get to see her. Before that, though, I believe I have to go and get a flu shot. Just a normal one, though. Hmmm... I really hate needles and pain. D; And the stiffness that comes from getting a shot. Pain in the ass~ least it's not a literal pain in the ass.

Saturday - Off to the optometrist we go!
I've been needing to go to the optometrist for awhile now - my eyesight has just been getting worse and worse. Oddly enough, I love going to the optometrist. I enjoy taking eye exams! It bored the hell out of me when I didn't have eye problems, but now I get to see the world in hi-def afterward. LOL. XD

Sunday - A day of rest?
Probably not; I won't make any promises. I'll probably have to get ready for the move on the 23rd. Uuuuh. I feel as though I'll never get to rest. (Though, that's obviously not true. I'm here, typing... That's rest.)

I'm dying for a Whopper. ; n ;